Emotions Cork
Armour Coated Floating Cork Floor Tiles

Element Creme Cork Tiles

Blend Textures cork tile

Champagner Textures cork tile

Champagner Expresso
Champagner Espresso Textures Cork Tile

Champagner Grey
Champagner Grey Textures Cork Tile

Champagner Sand
Champagner Sand Textures Cork Tile

Champagner White
Champagner White Textures Cork Tiles

Chip Beige
Chip Beige Textures Cork Tiles

Chip White
Chip White Textures Cork Tiles

Country Beige
Country Beige Textured Cork Tile

Country Braun
Country Braun textured Cork Tiles

Country Olive
Country Olive textured Cork Tiles

Country Slate
Country Slate textured Cork Tiles

Element Textured Cork Tile

Element Creme
Element Creme Textured Cork Tile

Element Khaki
Element Khaki Textured Cork Tile

Element Olive
Element Olive textured cork tile

Element Grid textured cork tile

Lava textured cork tile

Lava Sand
Lava Sand textured cork tile

Lava Braun
Lava Braun textured cork tile

Nobel textured Cork Tile

Nobel Creme
Nobel Creme textured Cork Tile

Nobel Select
Nobel Select textured Cork Tile

Primus textured Cork Tile

Primus Sand
Primus Sand textured Cork Tile

River Textured Cork Tile

Standard Textured Cork Tile

Standard Creme
Standard Creme Textured Cork Tile

Standard White
Standard White Textured Cork Tile

Twist Textured Cork Tile

Twist Textured Cork Tile

Twist Beige
Twist Beige textured Cork Tile

Twist Olive
Twist Olive textured Cork Tile

Twist Sand
Twist Sand textured Cork Tile

Twist White
Twist White textured Cork Tile

Twist Braun
Twist Braun textured Cork Tile



Designed with an innovative textured surface effect. The Emotions Cork Emotions range features practicality as well as style and beauty. With a fabulous assortment of designs, textures and colours, the textures collection provides the perfect solution to create luxurious interior decorating styles from modern to traditional. With Weartop Armour coat featuring unique textured surface, bonded to an easy fit Uniclic moisture resistant board.

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